Selling Gloomy Bear Revoltech Figure

NEW in Box Gloomy Bear Revoltech Set: $29
Brand new, just received in the mail today from Japan. Unfortunately I realized shortly after purchasing this that I had wanted to buy the OTHER Gloomy and Pity Revoltech set, where Pity comes with his blue "corpse" face and Gloomy is extra bloody. So I'm selling this one! Box has never been opened. Comes with Gloomy and Pity (who has 2 faces to choose from), a muzzle accessory, a blood drip accessory for Gloomy's snout, and stands.

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Selling Official Funnypulse Gloomy Bear Arm Pillow

Hello, for sale is my official Gloomy Bear arm pillow, which I purchased from the site. Currently sold out on the website. It's of a higher quality than some of the bootleg GB arm pillows on ebay and the like.  It is in excellent condition, still in its protective bag. 

I am hoping for at least $150 for it, shipping included worldwide.
Ebay listing is HERE.
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Gloomy Watch FS

I'm selling a cute Gloomy Bear watch grouped with various other Japanese pop culture jewelry together for $1 on eBay!

Auction is ending in less than 2 hours so don't miss it!

I'm moving overseas so am having to sell everything. I also have a bunch of various other Tokidoki, anime, manga, Jrock, fashion, and Asian pop culture goods for sale, everything's being posted in lots of $1 so please check it out! :)

I will ship worldwide. Thanks for looking! I'm still furiously posting more items so please keep watching :)
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Gloomy Bear Watch FS