Davey (hitbylightning) wrote in gloomy_bear,

Looking for Gloomy Bears!

Hi all, I'm looking for some of the following gloomy bears (if you scroll over the picture it shows the ones that I am looking for):
UPDATED 9 Oct. 2011 (Yes, I'm still looking for these ;) )

Approx 45 cm long, Black Only   Fuzzy Werewolf or Black Ghost
  White, Black, or Pink Gold or Silver 
Bandaged or Devil  Pink/Blue Shirt or White/Black Shirt
 Blue Red, Pink, or White Black, Gray
Black or Pink Green or Mixed Plaid Pink Panda, Black Panda, or Blue Panda
 Black or Grey Blue or Yellow/Red Grey

If you have any of these for sale,my email is daveya@gmail.com  Thanks!  I am in the USA.
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